Those three are awarded

Südkurier October 19th 2009, Daniel Kummetz

Common opinion holds that playing the recorder is simple, that it produces high-pitched sounds, and that it is somehow an instrument useful only for early music lessons in pre-school. With her performance at the Newcomer Award of the City of Konstanz, Kristina Schoch has proven that these assumptions are incorrect. She is prize winner in the music category and has proven that the recorder has a much greater potential when a real master is playing the instrument.


K. Schoch is a convincing musician who appreciates traditions and likewise explores new directions in music. She is honoured with various awards.

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Diese Drei sind ausgezeichnet

Perfect Performance with Fingering and Breathing Control

Südkurier, October 6th 2009, Reinhard Müller

„...time was flying while the young artist demonstrated the potential of the recorder. Additionally highlighted with musical poems by Hermann Hesse, her professional performance was shining and entertaining.

„ to the presentation of instruments from various epochs and designs -from soprano to bass recorders- her performance was vibrant and sparkling. The lively program of mostly short musical pieces from different styles was completed by an easily understandable presentation. Most notably, however, was her perfect control of fingering, breathing technique, tongue acrobatics, expression and stylistic acuity. (...)

Finally, the young recorder advocate started her major offensive: Sitting on a bar stool, she played Charlie Parkers “Chi Chi” for sax on her bass recorder in a way that brimmed over with brilliant glissandi, rhythmic snaps and spontaneous di-du shouts. (...)

With this performance Kristina Schoch demonstrated once more that the art of playing the recorder has regained its important place in music history.“

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Perfektes Spiel mit Griffen und Atemtechnik


And the prize goes to...

Südkurier, September 8th 2009

Kristina Schoch was awarded the prize for music. The flutist’s goal is to bring the recorder back to the public consciousness. (…)

...a highly skilled recorder player... (...)

Statement of the jury: the virtuosic recorder player received distinguished awards at various contests and international fellowship...(...)

...a remarkable concert career..."

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Der Preis geht an...


Charming presentation of difficult music

Schwarzwälder Bote, September 7th 2009, Bodo Schnekenburger

The 7th summer concert was simply astonishing. The “Duo Lila Lila” presented a rich array of music with the capricious title “Musical Life of Whistles”. (…)

…with her vivid and beautiful sounding recorder tone the virtuosic and flutist Kristina Schoch performed a little fantasy from Ibert with startling dynamic and wonderful timing.

The fine interplay between the two players was a pleasure to hear. Their stunning performance in the church was perfectly balanced and always distinguished.(…)

Another proof of the musicians’ talents was their final performance of a breezing Tarantella played as if there had never been such a power of sound i
n the air

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Schwere Kost charmant serviert

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Aus rot und blau wird neue Musik gemischt

Emotions expressed through music

Interview im Südkurier, Juni 23rd 2009, Verena Bufler

For Kristina Schoch, music is a way of expressing emotions and innermost feelings.
Additionally she appreciates being able to keep the spirit of composers alive with her playing of their mus

Full text in pdf format (German version):                                                                     Gefühle mit Musik vermitteln